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triteleia, butterfly weed, and Mexican feather grass


CarpeDiem Garden

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Cordula Metzger
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Green with envy.


Green with envy.

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Private Garden Near Stockholm

/ Photos by Inger. More on Kärleksstigen. /

s i m i l a r: Ulrika Linde’s garden / Signe’s private garden / Vegetable gardening by CHERVIL AB

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Priona Gardens

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"Priona Gardens is a unique garden designed by the late Henk Gerritsen. He called it his own version of the Dutch style "dreamt nature". The Garden is a relaxed take on naturalistic planting with a whimsical enthusiasm for art and high horticulture, from outsized dahlias to topiary chickens".

s i m i l a r: Natural planting style in your garden / Natural landscape in the Netherlands / A sense of place by Lauren Hall-Behrens


peter zumthor

hortus conclusus

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Private garden by Alan Lorence.

Ornamental grasses are one of the most interesting and exciting groups of plants in today’s landscape and garden design. The main reason is that they are easy to maintain. Most simply need to be cut back each spring. After that, they grow with very little care.
And I’m curious to see how they can be used in relatively small spaces. Alan Lorence’s garden is a good example of it.

s i m i l a r: Private garden by Dai Bragg / Private garden by James Golden